MLL Booster Program

By becoming a booster, you will be supporting over 550 children who participate in Magnolia Little League’s youth baseball and softball programs.

Our league has a strong legacy of stewardship with Seattle Parks & Recreation funding many improvements for the benefit all Seattle citizens including the bathrooms by field 3 and field 6N at West Magnolia Fields. Magnolia Little League is currently exploring field improvements to Raye Field, Lawton and the Field 5 batting cage. Magnolia Little League is active working with Seattle Parks providing matching funds for the redevelopment of Smith Cove Park.

Additionally, our league offers scholarships so that all children in our league boundary have a place to play.

By becoming a booster, your tax deductible donation will be used to keep our league, our parks and our Magnolia community strong.

Magnolia Little League is recognized as a 501(c)3 charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service, Tax ID 91-1540033. Therefore, all donations made to our organization, beyond the basic participant fees, may be regarded as charitable donations to the full extent permitted by the IRS Code and tax laws of the State of Washington. We are an all-volunteer organization.


2018 Boosters 2017 Boosters 2016 Boosters
Ahrens Family Alhadeff Family Effgen Family
Alhadeff Family Braa Family Freer Family
Allegro Family Bradley Family Hurley Family
Ashbaugh Family Bysshe Family Larkin Family
Blackman Family Condon Family Overa Family
Braa Family Easley Family Pampino Family
Bradley Family Effgen Family
Carver Family Federico Family
Condon Family Felton Family
DiMarco Family Freeman Family
Effgen Family Gallo Family
Elder Family Hurley Family
Erickson Family Keadle Family
Estey Family Koenig Family
Gallo Family Leather Family
Greenwell Family Libutti Family
Holt Family Maguddayao Family
Johnson Family Meurn Family
Kent Family Naiden Family
McKeon Family Overa Family
Overa Family Pattison Family
Petersen-Barton Family Perez Family
Tinker Family Querry Family
White Family Renico Family
Root Family
Shiotani Family
Stewart Family
Tripp Family

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