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MLL Booster Program

By becoming a booster, you will be supporting over 550 children who participate in Magnolia Little League’s youth baseball and softball programs.

Our league has a strong legacy of stewardship with Seattle Parks & Recreation funding many improvements for the benefit all Seattle citizens including the bathrooms by field 3 and field 6N at West Magnolia Fields. Magnolia Little League is currently exploring field improvements to Raye Field, Lawton and the Field 5 batting cage. Magnolia Little League is active working with Seattle Parks providing matching funds for the redevelopment of Smith Cove Park.

Additionally, our league offers scholarships so that all children in our league boundary have a place to play.

By becoming a booster, your tax deductible donation will be used to keep our league, our parks and our Magnolia community strong.

Magnolia Little League is recognized as a 501(c)3 charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service, Tax ID 91-1540033. Therefore, all donations made to our organization, beyond the basic participant fees, may be regarded as charitable donations to the full extent permitted by the IRS Code and tax laws of the State of Washington. We are an all-volunteer organization.

You can join our Booster club during registration or make a donation anytime here!

Thank You Booster Families!!

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Adams Family Adams Family Adams Family Ahrens Family Ahrens Family Adams Family Alhadeff Family
Ahrens Family Ahrens Family Ahrens Family Ambrose Family Alhadeff Family Ahrens Family Braa Family
Alexander Family Alexander Family Alford Family Ardinger Family Ardinger Family Alhadeff Family Bradley Family
Anderson Family Anderson Family Ambrose Family Arterburn Family Ashbaugh Family Allegro Family Bysshe Family
Andres Family Apacible Family apacible Family Ashbaugh Family Benner Family Aroko-Okon Family Condon Family
Avedesian Family Ardinger Family Ardinger Family Bereber Family Berger Family Ashbaugh Family Easley Family
Banasik Family Ashbaugh Family Arora Family Beresford Family Bishop Family Bakke Family Effgen Family
banner Family Ballard Family Arterburn Family Berg Family Blackman Family bauer Family Federico Family
Barnett Family Baroh Family Ashbaugh Family Blackman Family Bradley Family Benner Family Felton Family
Bennett Family Bell Family Aysan Family Bradley Family Bruno Family Blackman Family Freeman Family
Berger Family Bennett Family banner Family Breck Family Burdick Family Braa Family Gallo Family
Blankenship Family Bereber Family Baroh Family Burdett Family Bysshe Family Bradley Family Hurley Family
Boicelli Family Binkley Family Beranek Family Burdick Family Cho Family Brost Family Keadle Family
Bon Family Blankenship Family Bergquist Family Burmeister Family Cieslak Family Bysshe Family Koenig Family
Breck Family Bohannon Family Blackman Family Bysshe Family Colonna Family Carver Family Leather Family
Breiner Family Bon Family Blankenship Family Clifton Family Condon Family Condon Family Libutti Family
Burdick Family Brenner Family Blood Family Cole Family Cooper Family Cooper Family Maguddayao Family
Byrnes Family Bruno Family bohannon Family Colonna Family Costa Family DiMarco Family Meurn Family
Casey Family Burdick Family Boicelli Family Condon Family Cowan Family Dremousis Family Naiden Family
Condon Family Bysshe Family Bon Family Cooke Family DeLeon Family Easley Family Overa Family
Craig Family Carroll Family Bradley Family Costa Family DiMarco Family Edwards Family Pattison Family
Cycyota Family Carter Family Burdick Family Dale Family Dreisch Family Effgen Family Perez Family
Dahl Family Chekikene Family Bysshe Family Damberg Family Dremousis Family Eichelberger Family Querry Family
Damberg Family Churchill Family Carroll Family Dearie Family Dunlop Family Elder Family Renico Family
Daniels Family Claflin Family Chapin Family Decker Family Easley Family Erickson Family Root Family
Delaney Family Clifton Family Clifton Family DiMarco Family Effgen Family Estey Family Shiotani Family
Desmul Family Condon Family Collings Family Dreisch Family Eichelberger Family Felton Family Stewart Family
Drees Family Cooke Family Condon Family Dunlop Family Estey Family Fitzgerald Family Tripp Family
Fairleigh Family Craig Family Cooke Family Easley Family Fahey Sainsbury Family Gallo Family
Farrell Family Dahlberg Family Danitz Family Estey Family Felton Family Gold Family
Fell Family Dale Family Davis Family Fahey Sainsbury Family Fort Family goodman Family
Fildes Family Danitz Family Dearie Family Fox Family Fox Family Grantham Family
Filloy Family Davis Family Dedeo Family frasca Family Glover Family Greenan Family
Fitzhenry Family Deering Family DeLeon Family Gill Family Gore Family Greenwell Family
Frazier Family DeLeon Family Derry Family Habel Family Greenwell Family Hammons Family
Fulford Family Derington Family Dreisch Family Haddock Family Hammons Family Harris Family
Glover Family Derry Family Driano Family Hammons Family Henry Family holguin Family
Gold Family Desiraju Family Easley Family Hansen Family Hopps Family Holt Family
Gore Family Desmul Family Eason Family Hobson Family horwitz Family Hopps Family
Grantham Family DeWine Family Eichelberger Family Horwitz Family Hoyt Family Hunter Family
Haines Family Eason Family Ellis Family Howren Family Hunter Family Hurley Family
Hanson Family Eichelberger Family Erickson Family Hoyt Family Hurley Family Johnson Family
Hart Family Epstein Family Fahey Sainsbury Family Huber Family jefferies Family Katz Family
Hobson Family Erickson Family Fildes Family Juhl Family kadletz Family Keadle Family
Hofmann Family Fahey Sainsbury Family Filloy Family Kadletz Family Karp Family Kent Family
Hogan Family Fairleigh Family Fitzhenry Family Kassa Family Kassa Family Koenig Family
Horn Family Farrell Family Fulford Family Katz Family Katz Family Levich Family
Horton Family Fildes Family Gallo Family Kent Family Kent Family Limp Family
Huang Family Filloy Family Garber Family Klinner Family Keyser Family Maduzia Family
Huber Family Fitzhenry Family Green Family Krieger Family Kontopoulos Family Maletis Family
Huntley Family Fulford Family greene Family Lancaster Family lawson Family Mallon Family
Johnson Family Gallo Family Hart Family Larsen Family Levich Family McKeon Family
Kamin Family Garber Family Hastings Family lawson Family Liboon Family Melton Family
Kassaye Family Gauen Family Hilliard Family Levich Family Lien Family Meurn Family
Kirkpatrick Family Geal Family Hobson Family Lien Family Maletis Family Miller Family
Lam Family Gill Family Hofmann Family Lieu Family Martin Family Morris Family
Larsen Family Gore Family horwitz Family Maletis Family Mathema Family Needham Family
Leano Family Gossler Family Hoskinson Family Marks Family McDannel Family Noble Family
Lee Family Greene Family Johnson Family Mathema Family McDonald Family Nuwer Family
Leon-Guerrero Family Haines Family Kassaye Family McGuigan Family Mcmahan Family Overa Family
Liboon Family Hart Family Keller Family McMahon Family Menchions Family Parrent Family
Lund Family Hilliard Family Kent Family Mertz Family Mertz Family Pattison Family
Maletis Family Hobson Family Knapp Family Miller Family Miller Family Perry Family
Marks Family Hofmann Family Krieger Family Momyer Family Moody Family Petersen-Barton Family
Maxey Family Hogan Family Lemonidis Family Mottaz Family Mottaz Family Pham Family
McGuigan Family Hopps Family Liboon Family Noble Family Noble Family Phillabaum Family
McMullen Family Horton Family Lindsey Family Norwood Family Nuwer Family Rabideau Family
Miller Family Huber Family Livingston Family OBrien Family OBrien Family Reid Family
Mitchell Family Hyland Family Lowe Family Okon Family Overa Family Roddy Family
Momyer Family Jeffries Family Maduzia Family Parrent Family Parrent Family Rooth Family
Mottaz Family Jenness Family Maletis Family Peck Family Pattison Family Ruddick Family
Myxter Family Johanson Family Mallon Family Pendleton Family Pendleton Family Rutkowski Family
Navas Family Johnson Family Marks Family Peterman Family Perry Family Saab Family
Nelson Family Kadletz Family Maxey Family Petersen-Barton Family Petersen-Barton Family Scalzo Wilmoth Family
Nicholas Family Kanyok Family McGuigan Family Pham Family Pham Family Smedstad Family
Nuwer Family Kapil Family McRae Family Punsalan Family Phillabaum Family Smits Family
Nydegger Family Kensell Family Meno Family Pyle Family Punsalan Family Swanson Family
OBrien Family Kent Family Mertz Family Radtke Family Rabideau Family Tinker Family
Orth Family Knapp Family Miller Family Reid Family Radtke Family Wells Family
Paresa Family Krebs Family Montgomery Family Roddy Family Robertson Family White Family
Larsen Family
Peterman Family Lauritsen Family Morris Family Roebke Family Roddy Family Williams Family
Rallo Family Lawson Family Navarro Family Rooth Family Rooth Family Yonemitsu Family
Rogers Family Leano Family Nelson Family Ryan Family Ruddick Family
Scalzo Wilmoth Family Lee Family Newman Family Saab Family Russo Family
Sedler Family Lemonidis Family Noble Family Scalzo Wilmoth Family Rutkowski Family
Seel Family LI Family OBrien Family Schechner Family Ryan Family
Seidenstein Family Liboon Family Okon Family Seidenstein Family Saab Family
Siegel Family Lowe Family OShea Family Silcock Family Scalzo Wilmoth Family
Slater Family Lund Family Parrent Family Smedley Family Seidenstein Family
Smedstad Family Maduzia Family Pattison Family Smits Family Smedstad Family
Smith Family Maletis Family Pendleton Family Speck Family Smits Family
Smits Family Mallon Family Petchnick Family Spruit Family Starbird Family
Sparck Family Martin Family Peterman Family Swenson Family Sterne Family
Spears Family Maxfield Family Petersen-Barton Family Sylvester Family Swenson Family
Spruit Family Meno Family Pollack Family Tinker Family Tellefson Family
Syjuco Family Merriman Family Power Family Townsend Family Tinker Family
Tessaro Family Miller Family Puckett Family Vernet Family Williams Family
Thompson Family Montgomery Family Radtke Family Villarta Family Willis Family
Townsend Family Mottaz Family Rallo Family Wallblom Family Winters Family
Trakarnsilpa Family Mushen Family Rarity Family Wells Family Yonemitsu Family
Van Damm Family Myxter Family RINGLAND Family Wenneman Family
Vincent Family Navarro Family Roddy Family White Family
Ward Family Navas Family Roebke Family Williams Family
Wassyng Family Nelson Family Rogers Family
Welch Family Nuwer Family Rooth Family
Wells Family OBrien Family Ryan Family
White Family Palino Family Saab Family
Williams Family Parrent Family Sandoval Family
Yamane Family Pattison Family Scalzo Wilmoth Family
Zora Family Pendleton Family Shutt Family
Peterman Family Siegel Family
Radtke Family Silcock Family
Rallo Family Singh Murphy Family
Rarity Family Slote Family
Richins Family Smedley Family
Ringland Family Smedstad Family
Roeder Family Smith Family
Rogers Family Smits Family
Ruddick Family STURMER Family
Ruediger Family Swanson Family
Ryan Family Syjuco Family
Scalzo Wilmoth Family Tinker Family
Seidenstein Family Townsend Family
Shaw Family Trakarnsilpa Family
Shetty Family Trotman Family
Singh Murphy Family Vallejo Family
Slater Family Vernet Family
Smedley Family Villarta Family
Smedstad Family Wald Family
Smith Family Wells Family
Smits Family Wenneman Family
Sparck Family White Family
Speck Family Willson Family
Spruit Family Winters Family
Stitz Family
Sturmer Family
Sullivan Family
Syjuco Family
Tessaro Family
Thompson Family
Townsend Family
Tradal Family
Trakarnsilpa Family
Trefethen Family
Van Damm Family
Villarta Family
Wald Family
Ward Family
Watkins Family
Wells Family
Wenneman Family
Wentzel Family
Williams Family
Wood Family
Woodard Family

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