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A Baseball MLL Local Rules

A Baseball - Click here for a pdf version.

A Baseball

Magnolia Little League has adopted the following local rules. The official Little League Baseball Rulebook (aka "Blue Book") rule will be used when local rules are not explicitly called out.


  • League age is 6-7
  • Games are 4 innings or 1.5 hours.
  • Outs are played (but “strikeouts” do not count unless both managers agree otherwise)
  • Continuous batting order
  • No scores or standings are kept

Local Rules:

  1. Coaches must have their team’s medical forms and a first aid kit at the field for every practice and game. Coaches will be thoroughly familiar with and follow the MLL Safety Plan.
  2. Games are 4 innings long or the set time limit of 1.5 hours whichever comes first.
  3. Rain out makeup at discretion of managers, and managers must contact Commissioner. Rain outs may be rescheduled by managers during practice times or other available use times.
  4. Coaches pitch (recommended pitching style is on one knee from roughly 20’ away).
  5. If batter has not recorded a hit after at least 7 pitches (managers are strongly encouraged to be loose about this), player will return to the bench.
  6. A half inning is concluded when either the defensive team records 3 outs or when the offensive team has gone through its batting order once.
  7. The default rule is that “strikeouts” do not count as an actual out, but managers may agree otherwise before a game (absent agreement by both managers, the default rule applies).
  8. Continuous batting order is in affect always.
  9. No headfirst sliding.
  10. No leading off or stealing.
  11. Runners may advance, at most, one base on an overthrow – at their own risk.
  12. There is no infield fly rule.
  13. Safety balls issued by MLL (no hardballs) will be used for all games and practices.
  14. Protective cup is required for all boys.
  15. Catcher’s mitt and helmet are required.
  16. Offensive players must wear helmets while batting and running on the bases.
  17. No on deck practice swings. The only person with a bat should be the batter -- under the direct supervision of a coach.
  18. Maximum of 10 defensive players on the field.
  19. Must rotate players to ensure everyone is receiving equal playing time and at-bats throughout the season.
  20. Defensive team allowed 2-3 coaches on the field.
  21. Offensive team is allowed 4 coaches on the field -- pitching, assist with batter’s stance, first base coach and third base coach.
  22. Rotate positions (every player should have two chances per game at an infield position).

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