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Little League Pool Player Policy

Per guidelines set forth in the official Little League Rulebook: Regulation V / Selection of Players:

c. - Alternate method of operation

To aid leagues that are having a difficult time getting enough players for their regular season teams the following option is available: A pool of players from existing regular season teams can be created with players that are willing to participate in extra games during the regular season when teams face a shortage of rostered players for a regular season game within their respective division or one division below, who are age appropriate and have been assessed capable. Pool players may return to their respective division and all other guidelines must be followed as outlined. EXAMPLE: Minors to Major Division, Major Division to Intermediate (50-70) Division, etc.

NOTE: Players may not be “borrowed” from an opponent. They must be assigned by the player agent. Games do not count toward regular season requirement.


1. - The league’s player agent will create and run the pool. The league’s player agent will use the pool to assign players to teams that are short of players on a rotating basis.

2. - Managers and/or coaches will not have the right to randomly pick and choose players from the pool.

3. - Under this option, when a player participates in a game on a team other than his/her own team, such player will not be permitted to pitch in that game.

4. - Pool players that are called and show up at the game site must play at least nine (9) consecutive defensive outs and bat once.

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