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Magnolia Little League All Star Information

It is the intent of the Magnolia Little League Board to field teams that will best represent our League in competition and character. All selection decisions regarding All-Star teams are made with Board and District approved requirements for All Stars and in compliance with Little League International rules and regulations. 

Several characteristics influence our selection process for Players and Managers for the All-Star teams:

  • Attitude, hustle, team spirit, team leadership
  • Overall character, integrity, and sportsmanship
  • Skill-level and ability to compete

Eligibility to play in Magnolia Little League is outlined in 'Regulation II - League Boundaries' which can be found in the Little League Baseball Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Operating Policies (aka the "Blue Book"): 

"Only those participants whose residence or the physical location of the school where they attend classes is within the boundaries of the league shall be eligible to participate." 

All-Star District and State Tournament information can be found on the D8 website here.

All Stars - Eligibility

All MLL baseball players League Age 9 and up are eligible for consideration for an MLL All-Star team.  MLL can field the following All-Star teams:

  • 12 year-old team consists of 12-14 players Little League age 10, 11 and 12
  • 11 year-old team consists of 12-14 players Little League age 9, 10 and 11
  • 10 year-old team consists of 12-14 players Little League age 8, 9 and 10
  • All-Star practice will begin in the middle of June following the MLL Tournament, and the All-Star season will end in July (exact dates are TBD), unless the team is successful in District playoffs.  All-Stars will participate in pre-tournament(s) in addition to practice and the actual D8 Tournament.
  • Playing All-Stars is a significant commitment by the player and family as All-Star players must attend all practices and games unless there is a compelling reason for an absence (e.g. medical appointment).  Excused absences do not include conflicts with other sports or tournaments (such as Hoopfest in Spokane which typically runs during the same time period).  Please note that players will be removed from the team if they miss several All-Star practices.
  • In order to be considered eligible for an MLL All-Star team, the parent or guardian must submit completed Letter of Intent (LOI) registration (please see below).

All-Star Tournament Team Selection - Baseball

11 year-old & 12 year-old teams

  • Selection by Players:
    • The Majors players, casting ballots, select the first 6 players per team.
    • For the 12 year-old team, a ballot list is generated consisting of all existing Majors players who have offered consent (Letter of Intent) to play All-stars.
    • For the 11 year-old team, a ballot list is generated consisting of all existing Majors players who have offered consent (Letter of Intent) to play All-stars.
    • If there are more than twelve eligible 10 year-old players in Majors, who have filed a Letter of Intent, then a ballot list is generated.
    • Once the ballots are generated the Player Agent distributes to Majors Managers to collect the vote of current Majors players.
  • This process is as follows:
    • Each existing major player (voter) is provided with 1 ballot form at a time. Player will vote for 5 players on the ballot at each level.
    • Team Voting order is as follows: 12 year-old team, 11 year-old team, 10 year-old team (if needed).
    • Top 5 vote recipients make the each team.

10 year-old team

  • All 10 year olds in the Majors division are automatically placed on the 10 year old team if they have filed a Letter of Intent for All-Stars if they have not been selected to the 12 or 11 year old team.
  • If there are twelve or fewer eligible 10 year old players, the balance of the team, up to twelve players, is selected by a AAA regular season managers committee (see Selection by Managers section below).
  • The All-Star Manager has an option to select an additional 0, 1 or 2 players (see Selection by All-Star Manager section below).

Player Selection by Managers:

  • Once the ballots are completed by the existing major players (voters) the Player Agent generates a report of ballot standings and calls a managers meeting that includes Majors Managers, Player Agent and league division Commissioner.
  • Managers nominate players from their team and support nomination with stats and other commentary.
  • After all nominations are made, managers vote independently casting their votes in writing to the players’ agent for 5 players.
  • Top vote recipients make the team. Example: If two players tie for top spot with four votes they make the team.
  • Then managers vote again for remaining positions (in the prior example that would be for each of the 3 remaining player openings).
  • The top vote recipient makes the team and the process is repeated until 12 positions are filled.

Player Selection by All Stars Manager:

  • Once named, the All-stars manager for each team has an option to select an additional 0, 1 or 2 players from the remaining LOI submissions.

All Star announcement:

 By Rule, All-Star teams cannot be announced prior to June 1.  Each season the MLL Board of Directors will determine the specific release date of teams. Typically All Star announcements are made the day after MLL Championship Saturday.

All Star Manager/Coach Selection

The Magnolia Little League All Star Manager/Coach Selection process is designed to be objective, fair and ensure the best possible individuals are selected to lead MLL All Star teams.

All Star Manager/Coach Selection Committee

  • The All Star Manager Selection Committee will include the League President, Vice President, Player Agent, Umpire in Chief and respective Division Commissioner. In the event that one of the previously listed officials is an applicant, the League President will identify a replacement Board of Directors member to serve on the committee.
  • Managers & Coaches interested in managing an All Star team must register their intent via the All Star Manager Application form by May 15.
  • The Selection Committee may interview each candidate in person, by phone or via email communication.  Note: if scheduling conflicts arise, the President and VP can conduct the interviews on behalf of the committee and report the results to the remaining members of the committee in a timely manner.
  • After the interview process and discussion, the Selection Committee will recommend a Manager for each All Star team to the League President.
  • The selected All Star Managers may nominate two Assistant Coaches and submit to the All Star Committee for approval.
  • Per the Little League Rulebook, the League President will appoint All-Star Managers and Coaches for each team and will bring the selections to the MLL Board of Directors for final approval.

All Star Manager/Coach Application Process

Managers/Coaches who would like to be considered for selection as an All-Star Manager or Coach must consider the following:

  • Manager must be in good standing with Magnolia Little League and must be willing and able to fulfill the obligations required of the All-Star Manager position.
  • Manager must commit to be with the team for as long as the team continues to win - this could be through the Little League World Series (late August).
  • Manager must be available for all practices and games during the entire All-Star period.
  • Coaches selected by All-Star Manager must be in good standing with Magnolia Little League with volunteer form on file and completed background check.
  • All-Star Teams shall abide by Magnolia Little League and Little League International's Code of Conduct.
  • Tournament rules are dictated by Little League International and all Players, Managers and Coaches must meet eligibility requirements. 
  • Candidates can only be selected to manage or coach one All Star team.
  • Interested Managers/Coaches can apply here.

Required Documentation for All Star Players

Participation on the All Star tournament teams requires the submission of official paperwork to certify player eligibility per Little League International rules. These requirements are non-negotiable and stated timelines must be met.  


Residency Forms - there are two available options:

Option One - School Enrollment Form - click here to access

Access, print and bring the players school for school administration validation and signature.
MLL in-boundary schools include:  Catherine Blaine K-8, Magnolia Elementary, Lawton Elementary and Our Lady of Fatima.  

We realize that in some instances your player might attended a different school, but your home address resides within MLL boundary.
In these instances you will need to provide the documents covered in Option 2:

Option Two - (3) Documents containing the full residence which includes parent(s) or court-appointed guardian(s) name, street address, city, state, and zip code information, dated or in force between February 1, 2020 and February 1, 2021 from ONE or more documents from EACH of the three groups outlined below:

Original Birth Certificate

Should your player be selected to an All Stars roster, you are required to supply (1) original birth certificate by June 15, 2021.

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