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AA Baseball MLL Local Rules - OLD 2021

Magnolia Little League has adopted the following local rules. The official Little League Baseball Rule book (aka "Blue Book") rule will be used when local rules are not explicitly called out.


  • League Age is 8-9.
  • Games are 6 innings.
  • Pitchers can pitch a maximum of 2 innings or up to pitch count limit.
  • Coach Pitch Provision – no batter shall be awarded a walk.
  • Players will pitch for the first four innings w/ the Coach Pitch Provision, and Coach Pitch only will be used for the fifth and sixth innings.
  • The home team will keep score with an official book for games. Playoff seeding will be determined by random draw and league and standings will not be kept.

Local Rules:

  1. Coaches are expected to read and understand the Little League Baseball Rule Book (aka Blue Book) as a baseline to the local rules – “Learn It, Live It, Love It”.
  2. Coaches must have their team’s medical forms and a first aid kit at the field for every practice and game. Coaches will be thoroughly familiar with and follow the MLL Safety Plan.
  3. Continuous batting order is in effect. For all innings, no batter may bat twice in the same inning. But, if two teams have an unequal number of players, the maximum number of batters per inning will be capped at the number of players on the larger team.
  4. No headfirst sliding.
  5. No leading off or stealing.
  6. Dropped third strike rule is NOT in effect – batter is out.
  7. There is no infield fly rule.
  8. Protective cup is required for all boys.
  9. Catcher’s mitt and protective gear is required for catchers.
  10. Caged Batting Helmet is required for all Batters and Runners.
  11. Offensive players must wear helmets while batting and running on the bases.
  12. No on deck practice swings. The only person with a bat should be the batter -- under the direct supervision of a coach.
  13. Coaches must rotate players to ensure everyone is receiving equal playing time and at-bats throughout the season. Regulation IV (i) Mandatory Play is modified as follows:
    1. Every player on a team roster will participate in each game for a minimum of three (3) complete defensive innings. For games less than six innings, each player must participate for a minimum of two (2) complete defensive innings.
    2. Of these innings, every player will play a minimum of two (2) innings in the infield (catcher is an infield position).
    3. No player will play more than two (2) defensive innings at the same position.
    4. Clarification: A “complete” inning is three (3) defensive outs or five (5) offensive runs, whichever comes first, except in the last inning of play when a complete inning would be 3 defensive outs or until the home team scores enough runs to declare victory. This deviation from the Official Regulations and Playing Rules is required because the five-run rule cannot guarantee a defensive player a specified number of outs.
  14. There is a five run per inning limit, except the last inning, which is unlimited. If there is a following game scheduled on the field, no inning may start later than 1:50 after the game starts. The chief umpire will indicate to the coaches which inning will be the "last inning." before the start of the “last inning”.
  15. Games are six (6) innings long with the following exceptions:
    1. Magnolia will use the 15-run and 10-run rule as detailed in 4.10 (e), and
    2. In the event of a tie after six (6) innings of play, extra innings can be played but must adhere to the time limitations detailed in RULE 3 above.
  16. The home team occupies the third base dugout, supplies two new game balls, and is responsible to supply the game umpires if no umpires are assigned. The home team is also responsible for setting up and storing the break-away bases, raking the field, and chalking the batter’s boxes and infield lines. The away team occupies the first base dugout and may supply plate or field umpires if the home team is not able to meet their obligation.
  17. There will be no forfeits for player shortages. If one or both teams cannot field a regulation team, contact your commissioner to re-schedule subject to field availability.
  18. Pitching:
    1. AA will be a combination of Kid Pitch and Coach Pitch for intra-league games.
    2. For inter-league games, home field rules apply. Coaches should come to agreement prior to first pitch.
    3. Kids will pitch from a 43' rubber.
    4. Kids will pitch from the artificial mounds when available.
    5. Coaches MUST keep a log of pitchers' pitch counts.
    6. Players are bound by Regulation VI (Pitchers) regarding (c) pitch counts and (d) rest requirements:
    7. Walks are NOT in effect during Kid Pitch.
      1. When the count reaches 4 Balls, the Coach Pitch Provision will apply, and the Coach of the Batter’s team will Coach Pitch the remainder of the at-bat.
      2. Coaches will pitch with an overhand motion and have their back foot touching the front of the artificial mound when delivering a pitch.
      3. Coach Pitch is limited to a maximum of 4 pitches and the batter is out if the ball has not been put into play after the maximum pitches has been reached or accumulated three swinging strikes (whichever occurs first). A foul ball on the forth pitch keeps the batter alive. If the batter does not put the ball in play (or hit another foul ball) on fifth pitch they will be out.
      4. The Batter will NOT inherit the current strike count when Coach Pitch is initiated – they simply have up to 4 chances to hit a Coach Pitch.
      5. Called Balls and Strikes are not in effect during Coach Pitch; however, Swinging Strikes are applicable.
      6. Hit by Pitch is NOT in effect during Coach Pitch. If the Batter is hit by a Coach Pitched Ball, simply offer another pitch (does not count against the max 4).
    8. In the event enough pitchers are not available, particularly at the beginning of the season, the AA Commissioner may modify the Kid Pitch requirements to include additional Coach Pitch only innings.
      1. During Coach Pitch only innings, each batter is allowed five (5) pitches or three (3) swinging strikes. A foul ball on the fifth pitch keeps the hitter alive.  If the batter does not put the ball in play (or hit another foul ball) on the sixth pitch, they will be out.
        1. Coaches will pitch with an overhand motion and have their back foot touching the front of the artificial mound.
        2. Called Balls and Strikes are not in effect during Coach Pitch only innings; however, Swinging Strikes are applicable.
        3. When a Coach is pitching, the player in the pitcher position will stand within 5 feet of either side of the pitching rubber and be roughly even with the rubber when pitches are being delivered. The pitcher is not to position themselves as an additional middle infielder or play up closer to batters.
  19. This rule is to remind coaches that player development takes precedence over winning at the AA level:
    1. Once a batted ball is put into play, runners can advance at their own risk until the pitcher has control of the ball within a 15 foot radius of the pitchers plate or until the umpire deems all action has ceased and calls “Time.”
    2. Coaches on the field must not catch, or interfere with, the ball except in “non-running situations” i.e. on the throw back from the catcher to the mound during coach pitch – the coach can catch the ball in order to speed up the game during coach pitch.
    3. This is a very simple rule, but it is one that can still be abused in spirit. Remember that the idea behind the rule is to give runner the bases they deserve without making a travesty of the game by enabling coaches to create an offense centered on the catching errors of the pitcher. The base runner continuation is at the heart of this rule, in practical terms this means:
      1. Your runner can continue to run on the throw into the pitcher
      2. Even if your pitcher has control of the ball near the mound, a runner who continued to run during the throw to the pitcher can still move on to the next base
      3. When the pitcher has the ball, a runner who has remained off the base but has ceased continuation cannot run.
  20. Per 4.19(g) Magnolia Little League adopts the rule that, in the Minor League, protests must be resolved before the next pitch or play. The chief umpire’s decision will be final.
  21. All local Magnolia AA tournaments will be played in accordance with these AA Local Rules except that, in the event of a tie after six innings of play, tournament games will end in accordance with 4.10 and will NOT be subject to the time or inning restrictions detailed in #s 3 and 4 above.

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